Instagram Real and Bot Followers Campaign

The process of making money on Instagram consist of lots of parts those parts could be seperate to 3 stage.

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1- Product Owner Side: When talking about advertisement there is always a product and a manufacturer. This manufacturer produce their goods and try to sell them, but there is a problem the goods do not known bye people and manufacturer should present them. At this point manufacturer needs a Publisher for Instagram Publisher is a Instagram famous.

2- Publisher ( Instagram Famous) Side: Publisher is the key to advertisement because directly has connection with producer and follwers at the same time. A Publisher should have great number of followers and ideal intervals of posting lastly has to have a good engagement rate otherwise manufacturer do not collobrate with Publisher.

3- Followers Side: Followers is everything for all of the steps of Instagram. Without followers Publisher and manufacturer advertisement and also Instagram itself will be useless.

There are strong connection between all side of Instagram as we can see, in this stuation if you want to be a Publisher you have to gain followers and engagement and this is not easy. Buy instagram followers is the easiest way to gain followers and engagement way, thus some of followers will be your fan and always likes and comment on your posts this is one of the most important steps for your account. Another way is buy real instagram followers this means all follwers you buy consistf of real and active users which has real capacity to boost your account.

You can not be an Instagram famous by just buying followers you have to produce soma content and have a philosophy that make your account different from the others.

After buying follwers and have good content you will be promoted to explore page and gain more followers the next and also last step will be co-work with producers.

07 Haziran 2018 - Teknoloji

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