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Our efforts to make sense of our lives are a journey of never-ending learning and development. Over time, our personality continues to develop with the values of the family we grew up in, things we learned from our environment and training we have received. We don't often understand that we need the most love and excitement when we grow up, and we don’t even care this. In a life of love mixed we become more resilient, confident, we become more easily adapt to life and we add value to the people whom we are in interact. If love is missing, although we have the best profession to study at the best schools one side of us is always missing.

The important thing is to know ourselves, to trust ourselves and to know what we want. Almost all of us are concerned with the personality of everyone around us except ourselves. Our children also model these movements. They begin to interest others and criticize the actions what they see. They become to make time for others more than themselves.

Sometimes we can make very simple things to very difficult for ourselves and people who around us. Whereas if we can determine the rules by ourselves, we can make simplify life. First of all for this, we have to devote our time to ourselves and we have to realize ourselves. When asked how we spend our free time, our response is always ordinary, but in fact we do not. Reading books, listening to music, doing sports, etc. The list goes on. However, these are the things we have to do for ourselves already.

We spend the least amount of time for our lives. We dare not face to ourselves. We do not care about ourselves, we do not even think about ourselves. We make a series of mistakes. Even when we make the most important decisions of our lives, we act according to the thoughts of others rather than our own feelings. But when the age is reached , we can see the truth after dozens of mistakes.We bewail and pass. However, we made the same mistakes when we raise our children. We don't teach them to know themselves also we don't allow people who try to identify them.

We don't tell the most precious time for reserve themselves, we don't provide to gain awareness. We learn many things from our many experiences. But we pass the most important ones; we don't know our feelings, we are lazy to think, we are not interested in our talents, we despise ourselves, sometimes it takes years to be able to get self confidence. Most of the time our prejudices take us captive. To defeat our fears, we must first confess to ourselves. We must be at peace with ourselves. We don't always have to be perfect.

No matter how old we are, it makes no difference. Most of us, unfortunately, we act on the instructions of others. For example, we passed the university exam, but we'll take again next year because we're not happy. We finish school, but we work in a completely different business.

We think that we have married with very loving and in love but after a short time we will be unhappy because even our love is actually someone else's impression. And the number of unhappy individuals is quite high. Because we can not move in our own direction, we don’t know what we want. Even if we know what we want, we don’t have the courage to choose it. Most of the time we can not even realize it. The result of this Disappointments, incompatible relationships, unhappy marriages, constant job changes, inability to find what you are looking for, and endless pursuits.

Instead of angry at ourselves for the wrong things we do, we should accept our mistakes and create new opportunities to ourselves for try again. We should trust ourselves. We have to accept life as it is but we must strive(try) to become acceptable.

One of the man seated on a waterside in a beautiful moonlight night. He was admiring the reflection of the moon(or moon's reflection) in the water. At that time a *sufi passing by, said to the man:

-What are you doing?The man answered: - I’m looking at the moon.The Sufi strike man's nape and said:-A fool, who does not know himself, lift your head now, look up!

We must be honest with ourselves. From ignoring the facts, it only increases the vicious cycles in our lives. We have to go over the problems and create realistic solutions by dividing small pieces.

To enjoy our achievements, first we must love ourselves and we should take time for ourselves and give value to ourselves.

We have to love life, every moment. We should not ignoring the child inside us, we take care of her/him we have to give answers to her/him needs. *Sufi: The sufi concept that emerges after the birth of Islamic religion, used mostly in the countries where Muslim communities are located, is the general name of those who devote themselves to God, who doesn't interest in temporary world affairs, and who work only on mystic subjects. (mystic)

Çeviri: Deniz AKYOL


Yazar Alisa Çiçek Akyol - Mesaj Gönder

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