Family Terror

"How come? Alone to a party, wedding? At your age?! That’s not proper. Invite anyone, unless you have some friends?" - I heard. I am 29, close to 30. At this age happy man should have at least one son. Really?! In XXI century?"Good Luck in your life ... and hope will meet someone, you know…" - standard words, for example at Christmas. They are accompanied by typical smile, wink."Mateusz, and how are you ..." – typical question at family parties. Before I could answer, there was a second (key) part of the question: "... well anyone in your heart?".Maybe there is someone in my heart, but should I announce it around?

It’s not only half of my family think that being single is a nightmare, tragedy, life failure and reason to suicide, but dictionary says that “SINGLE” is a lonely person living alone.Ok. Maybe we live alone. But are we lonely? Family is there for some of singles, or good, close friends. So I am not lonely then if I have one good close friend.Maybe one day I will regret that I was so long time single. Maybe I will cry because of it. But thanks God still is my decision and I chose the way of my liat sfe.I wonder who first created this pressure. As if there were no other problems. Or life ends on being single. If this option immediately open the door to the El Dorado or some The Promised Land or even can open The door to Heaven. (it Can open? J)

Or this guides "how to stop being single and start to live." So now I'm dead. Or thesis, if he is a single surely something is wrong with him, so to be a husband and for life is not fit, and if she is a single, probably she is a boss and career is more important for her, so she will not be a good mother.

Hedonists, workaholics, egocentrics Wake up! In a few years will be too late for love, for children, for good luck. It will be too late for everything. You will stay with expensive cars and villas near to a big town, or you will stay with your pictures from travels.Seriously is there too late for love? Is it too late for everything?Someone says one day that people are created to be together. OK but am I alone and lonely? If I am happy with my friends, why shall I force all universes to marry?We should remember that all our life is written somewhere Up there. And “HE” has a plan for us.So instead of following that insane pressure we single people should enjoy .As a single I can still learn myself, learn something new, I can enjoy with my friends and visit a lot of places. I am happy with this people I have near to my heart.

I am not against family, NO. But Que sera, sera!


Yazar Mateusz J. Bajorek - Mesaj Gönder

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