Sorry seems to be the hardest word

If there exists something as certain as the hardest word in the universe, it definitely is “SORRY”.

We all make mistakes, intentionally or not. Nobody is perfect. So why is apologizing so difficult?

First of all to say “I am sorry” is to admit that you are WRONG. But hey! Who likes to feel guilty? I think nobody.

Another reason might be fear of rejection. If I apologize to you and you won’t accept it? It can hurt.

Some people tend to follow their own ideology: ” If I don't admit I've done anything wrong, then it's almost like not doing anything wrong at all”. Giving an apology is like being the "loser" and the person receiving the apology is the "winner." So I won’t give such satisfaction. I would rather say “I haven’t done anything wrong, is just you who are sensitive”.

Of course if you don’t care for a person you would never accept that you may hurt him/her. Perhaps the best example is a Serial Killer, he never feels guilty. He just does what he feels he has to do!Some people are afraid of this word as if were a curse. That they would never use it as they are too proud. Another group of people may apologize to you but without any emotion, it being a more formality. Their mind blocks the feeling of being wrong. In all honesty, one can see from a mile away that the apology is insincere.But have you ever thought how we could live through any situation in life when we simply swallow our pride and say “sorry”? We would avoid too much unnecessary pain and sadness. Quoting one of the famous songs:

“It’s sad ( so sad )

It’s a sad, sad situation

And it’s getting more and more absurd.

It’s sad ( so sad )

Why cant we talk it over?

Oh, it seems to me

That sorry seems to be the hardest word.”

I think that apologizing should not be so easy, to apologize is to bare one’s soul and accept vulnerability. But when an apology is done the right way it is very powerful.All of us want to feel safe and comfortable with people we allow into our inner circle. To apologize is very important to have healthy and happy relationship. It does not matter if one is a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or husband/wife. What is crucial is to feel cared by those who we love.And withholding an apology is certainly not going to win us any friend!Saying you're sorry shows those you care that you do not want to lose them and take responsibility for your hurtful actions. Even if you don’t feel guilty you can apologize to the other for causing pain.

In the end, making things right is way more important than being right.Quoting another song

“Is it too late now to say sorry?”

If you ever care, it is never late. We have enough evil in the world so let’s care for our inner circle. Speak loud and SAY SORRY!


Yazar Mateusz J. Bajorek - Mesaj Gönder

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